Traits and Practices of a Great IT Consultant

facebook at workWhen looking for an IT consultant, you might first feel overwhelmed at the amount of companies to choose from. What are some traits and practices that great consultants exhibit?

First, they should respect your reputation and privacy. For example, you may not want the competition knowing that you work with an IT consultant, much less the project you are working on. A good consultant respects the customer's privacy and reputation with their silence.

Second, they should not show favor to a specific technology. No technology should be seen as holy. If they seem to direct your focus to a specific technology that costs, you should ask yourself whether they receive a commission for it. Instead, IT consultants should advocate for practical technological tools that increase the productivity of their business. The knowledgeable consultant understands that industry awards are less important than a functioning system.

In addition, the IT consultant should keep an open mind to the your ideas. If they seem to shoot down your ideas right out of the gate because they want to look smart, you should look elsewhere. The point is not to tell you why your idea will not work. They should be looking to understand where you are trying to go with the idea and find a better way to approach it if need be.

What You Can Expect from MIS Solutions of Atlanta

logoSeeking a company that can solve business challenges with better technology? When it comes to technology, MIS solutions of Atlanta helps customers to make sense of all their options. You have countless choices, which can seem daunting. MIS Solutions in Atlanta does more than sell technology. We combine our consulting expertise with business to create effective solutions for real-world challenges. Here's what you can expect from our company:

  • Full IT services—this includes planning, implementation, ongoing management and procurement.
  • Technology combined with good business judgment
  • Vendor/agnostic-based solutions that are based on the best standards and practices

Our company provides a full range of managed IT services including consultation. Are you looking for guidance that will enhance business productivity and cut costs? MIS Solutions took years to hone their expertise, and they continue to maintain knowledge of the latest advances in technology. When better technology hits the market, you can expect to know about it.

In addition, we help customers to avoid shiny-object syndrome. In other words, when a customer has fallen prey to expensive technology that looks better than it actually is, we will say something to save them money. We believe good IT consultants understand technology enough to help customers make the best decision for their circumstances.

Cloud Security: Why It Isn't Only an MSP Fad

cloud-backupSecurity in the Cloud has grown steadily; according to Gartner Inc.'s prediction, Cloud-based security services will rise $3.1 billion in 2015, which is up $2.1 billion since 2014. Experts believe the growth will remain strong. We have recently seen multiple security functions moving to the Cloud. Gartner says that the three most in-demand Cloud-based services will move forward. This includes:

  • Email Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Web-based Security Services

In 2014, Gartner predicted the highest growth would occur with services such as security information, encryption, vulnerability assessments, web application firewalls and event management. They were right.

What is driving the sudden interest in Cloud-based security? First, the security solutions for the Cloud eliminate the need to purchase on-site hardware and software. It makes the technology more available for small to medium-sized businesses. Your average smaller organization cannot afford full-time IT personnel, which means they will have less security options than bigger businesses.

Indeed, the biggest reason for the trend has occurred because small-sized businesses have become an important market in Cloud-based security. The offerings for security will cut the upfront costs of acquiring the server hardware. In addition, this approach lightens the ongoing expense of software maintenance. Because the business owners no longer need to assign employees to keep tabs of in-house security, they will cut the labor costs. To learn more about this interesting trend, contact MIS Solutions of Atlanta.

Server Virtualization Not Just for Enterprises

server_backupServer virtualization recently became a hot topic for small to medium-sized businesses. A couple years ago, it was all the rage for enterprises, but it has recently sifted down to the rest of us. About time too. Virtualization lets you take advantage of the excess power in overpowered hardware servers. What does that mean? It lets you run multiple virtual servers with a single physical server. That means that you cut costs on the physical servers.

The best part is that the virtual servers do not realize they are virtual and operate independently of each other. What are the advantages? First, it does not cost a dime. We have two leaders in the world of virtualization:

  • VMware's ESXI
  • Microsoft's Hyper-v

Hyper-v has been built into Server 2008, so it is free to use if you have a license model with Microsoft. VMware offers enterprise with feature-rich products, but those will cost money.

Do you have a data room of servers that do a single task each? Maybe you have applications that are not functioning well with other applications. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and avoid the expensive cost of hardware, you can do it through server virtualization. Want to learn more? For further information, contact MIS solutions of Atlanta.

Industry's Most Effective Email Protection

An ethernet cable is run through a lock. This can represent internet safety, virus, firewall or network protection.

Looking for email protection services that remove as much as 98.1 percent of the spam? MIS Solutions in Atlanta offers customers a comprehensive product that delivers world-class security and peace of mind. In terms of business, email becomes a vital business tool for communication, but unfortunately, much of the email traffic today is spam. This reduces employee productivity and will burden your IT infrastructure.

With our email protection services, you let the experts take care of your protection so that you can concentrate on your core business. What do customers love about our email protection?

  • Delivers Peace of Mind
  • Eliminates 98.1 Percent of the Spam
  • We Manage the Service for You

Your company will save both time and money when letting the professionals concern themselves with your security. Businesses can take advantage of a reliable Cloud-based service that uses enterprise-grade email protection, yet you do not need technical expertise to navigate with it.

Using our innovative technology ensures that your email will stay protected and your business runs smoothly. Think about it. A single malicious email can bring your entire business to its knees. Without expert protection, you can only hope that you do not click the wrong email. If you are tired of half-baked protection, it is time you considered MIS Solutions of Atlanta.

Webinar: How Cloud Computing Can Cut Your IT Costs, Provide Automatic Disaster Recovery And Free You To Work From Anywhere On Any Device

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On this webinar, you will learn: What is cloud computing in simple, non-geek speak language, FAQs about security, what does it cost, what happens if the Internet goes down, and top reasons companies are considering moving to the cloud. To register, call Becky or Kary at 678-745-5109, email or register at

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