Webinar: How Cloud Computing Can Cut Your IT Costs, Provide Automatic Disaster Recovery And Free You To Work From Anywhere On Any Device

When: Thursday, July 9, 2015data center

Start Time: 2:00pm EST

End Time: 3:00pm EST

OR until all questions are answered, whichever comes first.

On this webinar, you will learn: What is cloud computing in simple, non-geek speak language, FAQs about security, what does it cost, what happens if the Internet goes down, and top reasons companies are considering moving to the cloud. To register, call Becky or Kary at 678-745-5109, email bjoubert@mis-solutions.com or register at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2208770793552648194.

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Is Your Email Protected?

word cloud - data securityWhy Email Protection Is Important

There are many great things about email. It allows you to quickly get in touch with your customers. You are also able to send messages to multiple people at one time with email. Your customers will also be able to easily get in touch with you via email. However, it is important to note that a virus can quickly and easily spread through email. In fact, many computers develop viruses because a person downloads an attachment.

There are many things that you can do to prevent your computer from getting viruses from email. You can have an advanced filtering system installed on your computer. This will not only prevent your computer from getting viruses from email, but it will also help reduce the amount of spam that enters your inbox.

You can keep your computer secure with managed IT services in Atlanta. If you are in need of managed IT services, then you should consider contacting MIS Solutions. They cannot only keep your email secure, but they can also help keep all of your computer systems secure. Furthermore, they are committed to helping you improve the efficiency of your business.

Client of the Month: Robin Boozer

Robin BoozerRobin Boozer

Director of Operations at Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church in Dacula, GA

Being responsible for an organization’s system is tough. It’s even harder when it isn’t performing and your IT service provider has bigger fish to fry. How can you help your organization do what it needs to do daily and longer term, meet its goals? If you’re in a similar situation, consider Robin Boozer’s story.

The Problem

Her church’s IT infrastructure was piecemealed together over 15 years by volunteers bringing in any equipment thought to work. The church hired an IT professional who worked on the side, three or four days after an SOS. When the server crashed on December 22, they knew they needed a full-time IT company.

After interviewing several, they chose the least expensive option: a cloud-based vendor with good references, serving nonprofits.   However, not all the agent placed on the computers worked — they couldn’t go system-wide. After four months of other clients always having the greater emergency, it was evident that they weren’t even on the vendor’s radar. Robin told her board that they “were done with trying the cheap option”.

The Solution

Taking time to listen to the church’s problems, plus a detailed report listing suggestions and what would be done, won MIS the contract. The initial process took six to eight weeks. Robin was very pleased, feeling that MIS was part of the staff “from the get go”. Now, when there’s a problem, everybody can submit trouble tickets for resolution. And, email reporting helps Robin keep an eye on the system throughout the building — often alerting her even before she hears a cry for help.

On the Record: In Robin’s Own Words

“MIS totally straightened out our system,” Robin sums up. “We did not know what a mess we were in until Matt came in. He put all the puzzle pieces together and got us up and working in a much more efficient way. We tried several different approaches — from volunteers to a part-time IT person to another vendor — and nothing compared to MIS. MIS is a great company, the people are a pleasure to work with, and the fast reporting helps me see at a glance how our system is performing.”


"It Never Hurts To Ask"

      It never hurts to ask.”

   We often hear that said. But is it true? Recently someone asked me for a favor. The request came in an impersonal form e-mail. I had some business dealings with this person many years ago. Since then, I had heard from them only once when they asked another favor.

   I was being asked to promote something on my social media network. The request did not offer an excerpt, a preview, a sample or any compelling reason why I should offer my assistance and ping the people on my e-mail list.

   I thought, “Why should I help?” The implied assumption that I owed this individual something, or that I should help for no reason other than that they asked, seemed a bit off-putting. Have I helped an unfamiliar person before? Yes, there have been circumstances where I was glad to do so. But “Do this for me because our paths crossed” is not a good reason. Sometimes it does hurt to ask. Sometimes it comes across as inappropriate or entitled. Asking someone for a favor when you have no relationship with them is a bad idea. Naturally, most people like to help — but very few people like to waste their time or energy. And nobody likes to feel someone has taken advantage of them.

   There’s nothing wrong with asking for a favor or assistance. Just make sure you ask the right person for the right reason in the right way. Otherwise, you might damage your reputation and your

Mark Sanborn PhotoMark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE, is president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., an idea studio dedicated to developing leaders in business and in life. Mark is an international best-selling author and noted authority on leadership, team-building, customer service and change. Mark is the author of 8 books, including the best seller The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary, which has sold more than 1.6 million copies internationally. Learn more about Mark at www.marksanborn.com.


An Urgent Security Warning For Businesses Running Microsoft Server 2003

(And a Limited Free Assessment Offer)

On July 14, 2015, Microsoft is officially retiring Windows Server 2003 and will no longer be offering support, updates or security patches. That means any server with this operating system installed will be completely exposed to serious hacker attacks aimed at taking control of your network, stealing data, crashing your system and inflicting a host of other business-crippling problems you do NOT want to have to deal with.windows server 2003 end

     This is a threat that should not be ignored; if you don’t want cybercriminals running rampant in your company’s server, you MUST upgrade before that deadline. To assist our clients and friends in this transition, we’re offering a Free Microsoft Risk Assessment And Migration Plan. At no cost, we’ll come to your office and conduct our proprietary [XX]-Point Risk Assessment — a process that’s taken us over [X] years to perfect — to not only determine what specific computers and servers will be affected by this announcement, but also to assess other security, backup and efficiency factors that could be costing you in productivity and hard dollars.

     After performing this Assessment for [hundreds] of companies like yours, I’m confident that we will not only be able to expose a number of security risks and issues that you weren’t aware of, but also find ways to make your business FAR more efficient and productive. To request this Free Assessment, call us at 678-745-5109 or send us an email at jholmes@mis-solutions.com. Due to staff and time limitations, we’ll only be able to offer this until the end of July or to the first 10 people who contact us. (Sorry, no exceptions.)


Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: Navdy

Many of us realize how dangerous it is to check e-mail or text messages while we’re driving, but we don’t feel like we can afford to ignore our phone. Brand-new product Navdy to the rescue!

Navdy is a transparent Head-Up Display (HUD) that projects information as if it’s floating six feet in front of you. It’s very similar to what commercial airline pilots use. Navdy works with any car, and with all iPhones and Androids; Using the apps you already have on your phone, and with no service plans required.Navdy

As a phone call comes in, Navdy’s built-in camera allows you to simply swipe in midair to answer calls (or dismiss them), so you no longer have to fumble with buttons or touch screens. Plus, Navdy’s voice recognition uses the voice commands you’re already familiar with, whether you use Google Now or Siri.

Any notification on your phone can be read aloud or disabled, based on your preferences. Navdy even allows you to keep your teenagers safe by giving you parental controls.

The product is rumored to retail at $499, but is available now for pre-order for $299. Just visit their web site at: www.navdy.com