How Does Your IT Consultant Measure Results?

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Before you hire an IT consultant, check if they are comfortable measuring their work. In this industry, we have numerous methodologies that can be used to measure progress and readiness. Your common measurement systems include: Six Sigma, CMM and ITIL. 

Why should you only consider IT consultants who measure their work? It shows they take their work seriously. You cannot afford to hire someone who fails to dedicate themselves to your task. If they cannot demonstrate that they have given you results in a measurable manner, it might be that your specialist has something to hide.

Here at MIS Solutions in Atlanta, we have a passion for the jobs we fulfill. We do not believe in doing anything without giving our best standard of quality to clients and showing it through measured results. What will you receive for consultation at MIS Solutions? First, you will receive expert guidance that steers you in the right direction. Second, we will provide you with measurable results that demonstrate our unparalleled expertise. 

What will IT consultants measure to determine success? The common measurements include: Cost savings, time savings, customer satisfaction, meeting milestones, revenue growth and risk reduction. If you cannot justify some level of value for the work, why continue to provide funding and support? This is why measurement becomes so crucial to IT consultants.

The Secret of IT Support for Small Businesses

MultitaskEver get that sinking feeling that disaster is on its way? Business owners know this feeling too well. We sometimes receive it when a customer calls to complain about a job or when a key shipment fails to arrive on time. As a seasoned business owner, you have probably had this feeling multiple times. However, when does it feel the worst? It feels its worst when it is an IT problem. You arrive at work to discover your computer screen different from the way you left it, or the screen sits frozen at Windows is starting up.

The first secret of IT support is to concede control. As a business owner, you probably like to control things for yourself to guarantee the best results. However, to fix your problem, you have to relinquish control. The advantage of hiring a technician is that they have helped others out of the same situation that you might be in. Let him take your computer and run the complicated scripts and programs that IT professionals understand best.

The second secret of IT support for small businesses is choosing a dependable company. We cannot hope to succeed if we have chosen a mediocre company. MIS Solutions of Atlanta, a technical solutions provider, responds to your issues promptly so that your business experiences minimal downtime.

Distinct Advantages of Virtualization Technology

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When looking at IT issues, possibly the single-most important problem relates to virtualization technology. In fact, it recently started a top to bottom overhaul in the computing industry. The economic advantages of this technology include factors surrounding government regulation, tougher competition and scarce resources. A growing number of organizations have used virtualization to reduce a facility's air conditioning and power consumption needs. 

In addition, it can help to trim building space requirements that people have always associated with server farms. How does virtualization do it? First, it simplifies IT operations, and it allows IT organizations to respond faster when the demands of a business change. What we see with virtualization is better machine isolation through improved hardware support, and it gives the chance to provide a higher level of efficiency to meet the demands. 

How will your business benefit from virtualization? This technology uses a combination of hardware engineering and software to create virtual machines. This allows a single machine to serve in the role of many machines, reducing space. Without virtual machines, a single OS will own all the hardware resources, and virtualization allows this because it is open for multiple operating systems to run on the same platform. That leads to greater cost savings, less power consumption and more availability for your critical applications. To learn more, contact MIS Solutions of Atlanta.

Small Business IT Support Tips

checklistEach business will require its own unique set of IT support requirements, and that means you need to define the most important elements during your selection process. Before you agree to hire a company, you should understand the results you want to achieve and determine the frequency. What does this do? It guides you to finding the best solution at the best price. 

Your IT support may concern outsourcing specific tasks or activities, or it might mean keeping everything running smoothly. In today's world, we have a lot of issues concerning popups, spyware and viruses. For that reason, it is a smart choice to have someone available to respond immediately to deal with the consequences. 

In addition, we exist in a world where IT support does not relate to a static process. As your business grows, your level of support may increase. Some business owners may refuse to hire managed IT support because it costs too much. You have to ask yourself, however, how much will it cost to not bring in help? During the selection of your IT support level, look at how many dollars you will lose each hour because of downtime. If it seems like an unreal amount, it might be time to reconsider hiring managed IT support. Looking for a great company? MIS Solutions of Atlanta can help!

What Does the Future Hold for IT Services?

Augmentation des ventes informatiquesDuring a recent survey conducted in North America and Western Europe, we learned the trends surrounding solutions for managed IT services.  In the survey, 270 IT staff members were questioned about their experience in IT service management and their beliefs about its future development.

What priorities did IT staff members have? According to the survey, 57 percent use the Configuration Management Database, and another 23 percent have plans for using the Configuration Management Database. 20 percent of IT staff members placed a primary focus on improving their services for customers and offering better links at the service desk to address problems. Finally, 13 percent wanted to optimize their configuration and change management to allow for Cloud usage.

In addition, the attention to mobile devices have become high on the agenda of most IT service companies. When given a survey, only 15 percent said they did not offer mobile support for their IT staff or customers. For more than half the cases, customers can request or initiate mobile IT services. Of the companies that said they used mobile devices, 78 percent reported better performance with their IT services. As can be expected, the trends lean towards improving the internal IT processes. To learn more about the IT service trends, contact MIS Solutions in Atlanta.

How IT Services Can Help You

Augmentation des ventes informatiquesIn the digital age, we have witnessed an interesting shift across the industries of business. Every business needs technology to operate with higher efficiency and increase the productivity of their workers.

With IT services, you can make these changes and meet your business goals with greater ease. Whether developing applications or testing them, IT plays a major role in preparing your business for transformation. Companies that are caught on the wrong side of this digital change will have a harder time surviving. How an IT company responds to your unique challenges will often equate to the difference between success and failure.

Nowadays, sensitive data must be secured at all times, and IT services make sure that you have the best protection. Cyber criminals have developed increasingly advanced technology for stealing confidential information, which is why you cannot afford to rely on your own understanding. You want experts standing behind you who understand the latest advancements in technology and will keep you updated.

To survive in the digital age, businesses must adapt to their surroundings. With technology's move into all sectors, you want an expert nearby who can assist you in your making the change. MIS Solutions of Atlanta understands technology on its deepest levels and can help customers fix problems fast to minimize downtime and improve business productivity.