ADVISORY: Don’t Upgrade to Windows 10

You heard that right. It’s tempting to upgrade when the banner flashes across your screen. However, we do NOT recommend upgrading at this time because 23% of the systems that we’ve upgraded are having the “Blue Screen of Death” problems and will not boot. windows 10

Another problem we see is that all Windows 10 PCs that aren’t behind an update server, will get patches applied automatically (forced updates) according to Microsoft’s timescale. The problem is that applying all updates without intervention can lead to unintended consequences and can break plug-ins and integrations you have with other applications.

Since keeping your staff working is a top priority for business, talk with your IT consultant to make a planned upgrade strategy. We do anticipate some of the initial problems will be sorted out in the next 60 days and once the service pack is released, we’ll re-evaluate and keep you informed.

Are You Worried You’ve Outgrown Your Current IT Support Firm?

To discover the answer, check out our comic book titled: Zen and the Art of IT Support. In this simple, fast-read comic, you follow the paths of two apprentices as they learn from the master, so you can learn as well, the 7 principles of tremendous, reliable IT support including:Zen

  • How to truly recognize a professional IT organization who will provide outstanding support.
  • Learn how an IT professional should communicate with you.
  • How quickly IT issues need to be resolved.
  • Why you shouldn’t trust an arrogant technician.
  • How to avoid IT risks that could put your organization in harms way.
  • What steps need to be taken to guarantee the work will be done right.
  • How to make sure your organization can implement all 7 principles of IT Support.

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The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy To Grow A Remarkable Business In Any Field

Let’s pretend you’re in the market for a good pumpkin. You pack the kiddies in the car and drive out to the local pumpkin patch. When you get there, you see row after row after overwhelming row of orange, green and brown. You’re looking for the perfect pumpkin, but they all seem to look the same. It is easy to pick out the bad ones, though—they’re smashed, or dented, or bruised or look hauntingly similar to your mother-in-law. the pumpkin plan

Then you spot it—the biggest pumpkin you’ve ever seen. It’s like Charlie Brown’s “Great Pumpkin” big. It’s so big; it’s hard to believe it’s even real. Like a magnet, the gigantic pumpkin draws a continuous stream of people. There is something absolutely irresistible, something magnetic about being the extreme. Be it the strongest, or the fastest, or the most unique, the farmer with the most extraordinary pumpkin in the field wins. Every. Single. Time.

The same is true for entrepreneurs. Yet most entrepreneurs work their tails off, only to end up with small, ordinary, unremarkable pumpkins. Compared to the giant pumpkin, the companies these struggling entrepreneurs grow are insignificant, so insignificant that customers often don’t see them, or squash them, or leave them to rot in the field without a second thought.

To grow a successful business your company must be irresistibly magnetic. The average lose and are left to rot. It’s the most unique—the best—who win. Never forget this: Ordinary pumpkins are always forgotten. Only the giant pumpkin draws a crowd and lives on holiday cards, refrigerators and grainy YouTube videos . . . forever. The giant pumpkin is legend. And when you’ve grown one, you will be a legend, too.

In Mike Michalowicz’s humorous and entertaining book, The Pumpkin Plan, he teaches you how to think like a pumpkin farmer as he covers:

  • Why most entrepreneurs “water the weak”, resulting in a struggling Business, and what to do about it.
  • How an entrepreneur can pick the most promising seed (opportunity) to grow a successful, healthy business.
  • Why customer referrals don’t work, and how to use the “root system” to get a steady stream of clients.

I recently met Mike and heard more about how to grow remarkable pumpkins. This book is a fast, funny and great read.

Be one of the first three to contact me at 678-745-5109 or email with a subject line of “pumpkin” and I’ll send you a complimentary (FREE) copy.

DropBox & Google Docs– Are They Secure For Your Business?

A question that we often get around here is whether or not file sharing services such as DropBox, YouSendIt and Google Docs are secure enough for business.  If you use any of these services for your business, here’s the scoop…Dropbox-logo

Treat DropBox As A Public, Shared Environment.

     DropBox (and the others mentioned above) is designed to easily share very large files – ones that are not optimal for email because they’re so huge.  Examples include videos, audio files, large PDF’s and graphics files.  These services are typically free (or very cheap) and you shouldn’t have the expectation of great security for this price. 

     But an increasing use of these tools, even for legitimate reasons such as collaboration are putting a lot of private information at risk.  According to a recent Ponemon study, 60% of organizations have employees that frequently put confidential files on services like DropBox without permission.  In fact, companies such as IBM have banned the use of these services completely.

When Does Or Doesn’t It Make Sense?

    When you have a file that doesn’t need to be secure and simply needs to easily and quickly get from point A to point B, then DropBox can be a viable solution.  On the other hand, you would not send or store any sensitive files, such as contracts or financial statements on DropBox.  These services are also not safe for any files subject to government compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley or HITECH.  These file sharing solutions are NOT compliant.

What To Use Instead

If you need to transfer files outside of your network and need to do so securely, some options to consider are:

  • Creating a secure FTP site
  • Use 2-factor authentication rules
  • Be sure to have audit logs involved to monitor the security of your data
  • Discuss your compliance requirements with your IT Consultant to find solutions that preserve security and deliver the functionality you need.

   If you have questions about Dropbox or any other file sharing service, call Jennifer at 678-745-5109 or email at

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: The Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo: Like Siri For Your Home

 It’s not Rosie the Robot, but your first voice request to Amazon’s new Echo moves you one step closer to living like the Jetsons… Think of it as a plugged-in version of Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana.This “smart” speaker in a 9¼ x 3¼-inch cylinder can order products, turn off lights, set a timer, look up and give you sports scores, read you a book from Audible and more.  You might even get it to tell you terrible jokes…

Close up of Siri on iphone 4s

Close up of Siri on iphone 4s

It won’t replace a high-end stereo, but its sound quality compares with any Bluetooth speaker, and it can fill a good-sized room in your home.

Bottom line: Echo offers hands-free, at-home audio access to just about anything on the web, with better sound than a smartphone or tablet.

All in all, it can make your life easier. And maybe just a little more fun.


Last Night I Startled Out Of Bed In A Cold Sweat, Heart Racing, With Fear Racing Through My Mind...And You Were The Reason For My Panic!

Was I having a nightmare? Was I just watching too many episodes of “Ghost Hunters?” Maybe taking the Halloween spirit too far? No – it simply occurred to me that you might not know the importance of having a solid backup and disaster recovery plan in place!

And if your server data was erased, corrupted or destroyed because of a hardware malfunction, system crash, fire, flood or some other random, unforeseen disaster, you might not be able to be back up and running again FAST!

The Thought Of That Happening Scared Me Half To Death!ghost

And quite honestly, it should scare you, too! Just imagine what would happen if your server went down and you…

  • Lost all accounting documentation and history…
  • Lost all the work files you’ve spent YEARS developing…
  • Lost the work files and documentation you desperately need to service your customers…
  • Lost all the e-mails you had saved and couldn’t access your inbox…

Can you even put a price tag on it? Probably not – yet so many business owners aren’t 100% certain that they could be back up and running after a disaster and are purely hoping that their current file based, or carbonite backup, can be fully functional in one hour or less, is working and storing a usable copy of their data.

That's why I desperately urge you to contact us today to schedule your FREE Data Security and Backup Audit – a $495 value. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Call Becky or Kary at 678-745-5109 and mention this newsletter.
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