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July 2011 - Why We Love You... check out this video with Katie Holmes

Meet Our Feline Pets Of The Month: Monty, Milo & Ollie

Monty, Milo, and OllieDerrill Duncan from Materials Analytical Systems is the proud owner of three domestic shorthaired cats named Milo, Monty, and Ollie.

Monty and Ollie are seven years old and Milo is three. Monty was adopted from GoodMews shelter at age 3 and Ollie walked into Derrill’s backyard as a six month old kitten. The cats do not travel to work with Derrill although Milo is always keen for a visit to the garage. 'The boys', as they are called, enjoy backyard critter watching and a good snuggle together. They have very sweet dispositions and always look out for each other.

Thanks Derrill for sharing Milo, Monty, and Ollie with our readers of Tech Times. As this month’s Grand Prize Winner, they won a $50.00 Treat Basket from Pooch N Paws Pet Boutique and Bakery in Suwanee and will be featured on our MIS Blog. If you want free stuff for your fabulous pet, you can enter one of these 3 ways:

  1. Call Shannon Smith at 678-730-5527.
  2. Email at scsmith@mis-solutions.com.
  3. Or Register online at www.budurl.com/petofthemonth/

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: EchoSign

If you are a business that is still faxing or mailing documents because you need a signature, you’ll love this month’s gadget, EchoSign.

Contracts have been faxed and mailed for years because of the binding laws associated with signatures. EchoSign allows the legal, electronic signing of documents to speed up the signing process – now you can email a PDF, Word document or Excel file to someone and allow them to “sign” without printing it off, signing and scanning, faxing or mailing it back to you.

The free version of EchoSign allows the user 5 signatures a month, which may be adequate for those that only deal with contracts and other signed documents once in a while. However, for those that need to use the product on a daily basis, upgrading to the Pro version costs $14.95/month, the Team version (2-9 users) is $40/month and the Enterprise version for 10 or more users costs $299/month.

In addition to speeding up the signing process, this app also allows you to track, organize and file your paperwork securely online, available for reference at any time.

For those who prefer to keep the paper trail organized in computer files instead of physical files, EchoSign would be a great help.

5 (Cheap) Ways To Make Old Computers Faster And More Reliable

#1. Add Memory. One of the most inexpensive and effective ways to improve a computer’s performance is to install more RAM (random access memory). This will speed up the applications installed on your computer and allow you to open and run more programs simultaneously.

#2. Upgrade The Processor Or Add A Graphics Accelerator. If you are just looking for a little more "zoom," upgrading the processor or installing a graphics accelerator will give your computer the ability to process information faster and improve it’s overall speed.

#3. Perform Regular Maintenance On Your Servers and Desktops. Computers, like cars, need regular maintenance to perform at top speed and reliability. At a minimum, you should run ScanDisk and the Disk Defrag Utility on your machines once a month. This will make your applications and files load and run faster.

#4. Run A Spyware Scan Once A Week. One telltale sign that your computer is infected with spyware is slow, unstable performance. Spyware sucks up your system’s resources to carry out its evil intent, slowing down your computer and even causing it to freeze and crash.

#5. Disable Or Remove Unnecessary Programs Running In The Background. Many computers have preinstalled software programs that use up system resources and slow down your computer. While these recommendations will certainly speed up your system, they aren’t a miracle cure for a seriously out-of-date computer network. If your computer or network constantly crashes, freezes up, or runs painfully slow, then it’s time to give us a call for an upgrade.

Who Else Wants To Win A $25 Gift Card?

Monthly Trivia:

Starbucks CardThe Grand Prize Winner of June's Quiz is ..... 

Melissa Gallagher from Paragon Insurance, she won a $25 gift Card from Starbucks

Last month’s question -
What inventor averaged one patent for every three weeks of his life?

Answer: Thomas Edison

This month's question is:

The word ‘patriotism’ comes from the Latin patria which means…

a) Loyalty
b) Homeland
c) Pride
d) Freedom

Be the first to e-mail Shannon scsmith@mis-solutions.com with the correct answer to win a $25 Gift Certificate to Starbucks!

Is Best Buy’s New Electronics "Buy Back" Program All It's Cracked Up To Be?

You may have heard about the new "Buy Back" program being offered by Best Buy. The premise behind Best Buy's Buy Back program is simple: Buy a technology product in certain categories –mobile phones (but not pre-paid phones), laptops, netbooks, tablet computers and TVs –from Best Buy, and the store will let you bring it back and receive a portion of the purchase price. Of course, there are "catches."

First, the Buy Back program isn't free. Its upfront cost is based on what you're buying. For example, the Buy Back benefit on a $2,500 TV would cost $349.99. New laptops can run $70 and phones $40 to $60. Second, Best Buy won't give you the full purchase price back. The amount is based on the age of the device and the condition it’s in. An item returned within six months will get you a maximum of 50% of the purchase price provided it's in good condition and you have all the parts. If you wait 18 to 24 months, you’ll get no more than 20% and if you wait 24 to 48 months, you'll only get 10%.

Finally, you don't get cash but a Best Buy gift card, which, naturally, can only be used at Best Buy. So is it a good deal? Depends on how often you like to upgrade your equipment and how much you frequent Best Buy stores. If you like new things and love Best Buy, it's probably a great deal. However, there are many critics of the promotion who say the only beneficiary is Best Buy.

Discover An Easy Way To Earn $25

We will pay $25 to you or your favorite charity for anyone that you refer to us that we get an appointment with.

When your referral becomes a client (and spends $1000 or more) then we will pay $50 more to you or your favorite charity. And we will give your referral $100 off their purchase.

So you're wondering, what makes a good referral for MIS Solutions? Answer: A business owner who has 10-100 PCs and needs help with their network, data backups, email server or is just interested in having a second opinion on how they are doing things now. We serve areas that are within a 30-40 mile radius from Suwanee. So if you have a friend or associate in need, please pass our information along or call me and I'll reach out to them. I promise to treat your referrals with kid gloves and guarantee no high pressure sales tactics.

Careful! Phishing E-mails On The Rise

A phishing e-mail is an e-mail sent by a hacker designed to fool the recipient into downloading a virus, giving up their credit card number, personal information (like a social security number), or account or login information to a particular web site.

Often these e-mails are well designed to look exactly like an official notification from the site they are trying to emulate.

For example, a recent phishing e-mail was circulated that appeared to come from Facebook stating that videos or photos of Osama Bin Laden's death were posted online. These e-mails looked exactly like a legitimate Facebook e-mail and even appeared to come from "Facebookmail.com." Once you clicked on the e-mail, the phishing site would attempt to install a virus on your machine.

And now due to recent security breaches with Sony and e-mail marketer Epsilion, phishing attacks are going to increase – and they are going to get more sophisticated and harder to distinguish from legitimate e-mails. That’s because the hackers that were able to access the private databases of the above mentioned companies now have the name, e-mail and interests of the subscribers, and in some cases birthdays, addresses and more. That means a phishing e-mail can be personalized with relevant information that the user provided to Sony, making the e-mail appear to be more legitimate and the user more likely to click on the links provided and take the actions requested. Now more than ever it’s critical that you wary of e-mail notifications and the actions they request you take. Even having good anti-virus software installed won’t protect you if you give your account information away freely.

Getting to Know Aimee Torres-Scheduling Manager For Team MIS

Aimee Torres-SchedulingDo you have questions about service tickets?
Do you want to get an update on a project?
Our friendly and fast scheduling manager Aimee Torres is dedicated to serving you.
Got questions-call her at 770-945-5487 x.2715

Aimee joined the MIS team in September of 2010. When she’s not coordinating service calls and appointments, Aimee enjoys being with her family and spending quiet time reading.

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Vacation Spot: The beach
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Favorite Gadget: iPhone
Favorite Book: Redeeming Love
Favorite Place to Shop: Old Navy
Favorite Movie: The Goonies

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Live Question and Answer Business Building Webinar with Lliam Holmes, CEO and Founder of MIS Solutions, Inc.

Lliam HolmesWhen: Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Start Time: 2:00pm EST
End Time: 3:00pm EST OR until all questions are answered, whichever comes first. This webinar will be open to all Greenlight clients who have computer, network or IT strategy questions they want answered by Lliam. Submit your questions in advance to Jennifer@missolutions.com. Registration is required and space is limited. You can register at http://budurl.com/jlby or by emailing Shannon Smith at scsmith@mis-solutions.com or calling her at 678-730-5527.

Save The Date Our Annual Tech Exchange will be held on September 15, 2011 at the 1818 Club from 8am-1pm. At this event, you will learn strategies and ideas to help you lower IT costs, improve employee productivity, increase network security, and solve top business challenges faced by small and medium sized business owners like you. To register, email Shannon at scsmith@mis-solutions.com or call at 678-730-5527.

Monthly Spiritual Spark

Landscape"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

How Well Does MIS Perform? Our July 2011 Service Survey Results Are In…

SurveyOf 53 surveys submitted by clients, our average score was 4.8 out of 5 resulting in 97% client satisfaction with our services in the areas of responsiveness, staff friendliness and issue resolution. Thank you to everyone for participating—we encourage you to keep on submitting them—they are incredibly helpful at making our team better for YOU!