IT Services

Your Computer Problems are Our Problem!  We Guarantee a Plain English-Speaking Georgia Based Customer Support Rep Dealing With Your IT Issue Instantly so You Can Get Back Online ASAP!

Every company has to decide if they want to spend all their time trying to improve the internal computer processes, or improve their customer experience.  Time is limited for all of us.  By using MIS Solutions, you can hand over the headaches of the computer system to experts who work through IT Service issues all day every day, allowing you to focus on your core competency.  We can help keep costs predictable, avoid issues that waste time and resources, communicate with employees, or plan for disasters - we have your back!

"As a business owner, I really like the fixed monthly fee of the Greenlight Advanced Service Program. It gives me peace of mind knowing that no matter if there is some new virus threat or some unexpected power outage, MIS is there to help us through it and simply put there are NO additional service bills along the way."

Bob Hamilton
Hamilton Financial, P.C.

IT Services by MIS Solutions:

  • Fixing issues with any network or PC
  • Installation and support of all computer hardware
  • Installation and maintenance of anti-spyware and malware programs
  • Solutions to protect company sensitive data
  • Ability to work away from the office and connect to the network
  • VPN installation and maintenance
  • Server maintenance and upgrades
  • Email and anti-spam
  • Data connections like T-1 and faster internet connections
  • Assurance employees aren't going to certain sites
  • Data backup solutions with a max downtime of 1 hour available
  • VoIP phone systems for your office (hybrid voip)
  • Help desk for common questions or immediate issues

With MIS Solutions, all your IT Services will be quick, easy and affordable!

Eliminate your computer problems today!